Where you are today is a result of dynamic interchanges between you and your interactions with your environment.

Most of it is habitual, by default.

When you pause and reflect upon how you got here today, it is quite a mindboggle.

Firstly, your habitual way of thinking and acting was already pro-programmed before you were born. While your mother carried you towards your miraculous, you were getting imprints and developing responses based on her moods, what she ate, how she responded to other people, even what happened to her at work.

In addition, you also inherited thoughts and beliefs – habits – from your mother’s mother, carried within your DNA even if you did not ask for it.

Once you were born, you developed perspectives and actions based on what happened in your home, with your friends, at school, the policical environment, technology, the weather and even what you ate as well as illness and other important life events. Emotionally intesne moments in particular create deeper memory.

When you then look towards your future, and you understand how you are a continuum of these habits, you will realize that chances are pretty good to repeast most habits – in fact, that is part of the human condition.

We also know that we are able to change without too much effort. Our bodies change over time, our thinking matures, and our emotional lives are richer as adtults compared to when we were, for example, teenagers.

Change is therefore also easy, because we are wired to change.