A brief bio

Found on the internet, 2019

People from all walks of life and belief systems come to me for learning evidence-based practices and tailored tools to complement. revitalize and reinvigorate their personal, community and organizational lives.

I have been fortunate to provide professional counselling, coaching and mentoring to individuals and groups around the world for more than 20 years, including boardroom executives, leadership development experts and community leaders.

They know me for teaching novel practices to not only improve their lives, but also be able to face difficulty including sudden and unexpected change, and slowly build themselves up while also dealing with some of the roadblocks in their life.

I do my best to create a space of deep trust where people can articulate and speak as long as they need to, without judgement.

My communication and approaches are simple and adaptable for the complexity of the world we find ourselves in.

Because I have deep life and business experience including my own successes, failures and setbacks, as well as as training in different wellbeing practices, such as financial wellbeing, regenerative psychology, somatic therapy and creative meditation, I am able to support diverse perspectives and modalities.

Through direct experience as contemporary dance teacher, chartered accountant, to studying the Power of Silence of Carlos Castaneda to the Dark Night of the Soul and Andean healing training, I know that there is the right time and right place for certain practices – and how to discern these more effectively.

I respect people’s past, and help them build onto the competencies and skills they gained to help accelerate progress.

It is very important for me to show you how to integrate all aspects of yourself as you express your life as a pathfinder and positive maverick.

After completing a personal retreat in Peru for two months in 2018, I am motivated to offer my more private practice to the public. I intent to provide deeper guidance and mentorship fusing all my own work.

In addition to counselling, mentoring and train-the-trainer, I provide private and group retreats where you can also learn directly from me and curated experts and facilitators in healthy and hopeful environments and eco-systems.

My aspiration is to grow your confidence to become credible facilitators of personal, community and planetary wellbeing. And in the process to play-not-work.

Some fun facts

My top character strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence

My personality style is that of The Mediator

I love stories, folklore, humor fantasy, philosophy, spending time with good friends in the forest, beach and mountain hikes.

Each One. Teach One.

Role modelling integrating vision and practice

I am happy to say that I was able, despite many obstacles, unusually successful in my professional career.

For example, I was selected as finalist in Ontario Centres of Excellence Innovator Idol (2012) after developing social, distributed decision making softwre (before cloud computing became cool).

A young professional leadership development program enabled Deloitte to win a prestigious coaching award from the International Coach Federation in 2013.

Ranked on the Thomson Reuters Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017 (based on Twitter engagement and views).

In corporate action helping develop corporate strategies for positive change – always focused on individual and organizational wellbeing.

Leadership Development and Organizational Development Professional and Practitioner for more than 20 years

Working as strategic professional leadership and organizational expert in organizations as formal as Deloitte and highly regulated environments, such as investments banks, to strategic eco-system community leadership, I am known for demonstrating how to overcome resistance to change through the actions of positive role modelling.

BC Blockchain Forum – Decentralized Leadership Development Workshop
  • Masters in Philosophy Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership (cum laude)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate: Individual and Group Leadership Consulting, Facilitation and Coaching (Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership Practitioner)
  • B Com (Accounting, Auditing, Business Management)
  • Higher Diploma Accountancy
  • Chartered Accountant South Africa
  • Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach
  • Certified Team Coaching International Facilitator
  • Foundations of Happiness at Work: Berkeley, University of California
  • Prosci Certified Change PractitionerTrain-the-trainer offering all Prosci training in-house, Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp
  • Leadership and Talent Assessments and Development (including HEXACOPersonality Model, Strengths Profile)
  • Introduction to Digital Currencies (with accomplishment) (University Nicosia – The first university course on bitcoin and blockchain technologies)
  • Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered (MIT)
  • Deep Democracy Facilitator: Participative Leadership Facilitator
  • Author: Positive Mavericks: Web 3.0 Leadership Practice
  • More than 10 years of executive roundtables and strategy design and implementation facilitation and coaching

Read more about my professional track record.

Lifelong Enchantivism Training and Experience

Without my private enchantivist training and practices, I would not have been able to be successful as a professional.

After seeing how many gurus and experts stop learning and adapting once they achieve expert status and devoted followers, I make it important to practice to continue to un-learn, update myself, constantly challenge my own assumptions, and above all be as honest and vulnerable about my own journey as I can with others who come to me for help.

Some paths that I had fun with include dance choreography, Carlos Castaneda’s Power of Silence, Andean shamanic initiation practices and somatic shared practices, such as Indian Head Shoulder Massage and Thai Massage.

Two months personal retreat: Idun’s Quest, Peru 2018 
  • Formal Grade 8 piano (oxford exams) and classical ballet training
  • Lifelong stage performance (piano, ballet, acting)
  • Modern and contemporary dance teacher certification and dance studio for over 100 students (three years)
  • Three years of training in the philosophy and practices of Carolos Castaneda
  • Various integrated health and personal development modalities, such as Indian Head/Should Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Reiki, cheirology, Carlos Castaneda teachings and practices, hypnotherapy, etc.
  • Certified Somatic (Embodied) Leadership Coach and Educator (White Belt, Green Belt, Creative Movement for Kids)
  • Andean Cosmology: Paqo initiation and practices transmission (Order of Inkari) 
  • Three years apprenticeship with a Peruvian shaman including Andean wisdom skills for the development of consciousness, the human condition, mind and practice , ikaro, ceremony faciliation and martial arts (dancing with the environment)
  • Three years direct instructions in Tibetan Meditation and Buddhism, including
    • Foundational practices empowerment and retreats
    • Chenrezig empowerment and retreats
    • Green Tara empowerment and retreats
    • Medicine Buddha empowerment and retreat
    • Analytical Meditation training
    • Daimond Mind Training 
  • Masters degree research and dissertation on Contemplative Practices and the Potential for Leadership Development 
  • Dzogchen training in the Bonpo Indigenous System (direct instructions by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Geshe La Yong-Dong)
    • Awakening the Sacred Body (Tibetan Yoga)
    • Awakening the Luminous Mind 
    • Sound Healing
    • Soul and Life Force Retrieval ritual and practice
    • Five Elements empowerment (healing with form, light, sound. and energy)
    • Awakening the Sacred Arts
    • Enlightened Leadership
  • More than ten years of practice and in person instruction in Cybershamanism
  • Indigenous European personal development and wisdom traditions
  • Creativity: Music to my Ears (Stanford MOOC)
  • Storytelling by Dr Robert Biswas Diener
  • More than five years of designing and delivering personal and group enchantivist workshops and retreats
  • Masters of Enchantment: Indigenous Healing Songs Presentation at Sacred Spaces, Burning Man (2012)
  • Masters of Enchantivism: Healing Ceremony performance at Dogecon, Vancouver (2018)