Regeneration is the capacity to repair, revitalize and restore original strength and purpose. 

A regenerative human culture is healthy, resilient and adaptable; it cares for the planet and it cares for life in the awareness that this is the most effective way to create a thriving future of all of humanity. Daniel Wahl (Designing Regenerative Cultures)

With any strategic project, there’s an opportunity to revitalize the culture and enable employee enthusiasm for self-reliance, success, wellbeing and performance. I draw upon my skills as systems thinker, positive leadership development professional, and organizational performance designer to bring strategy to life.

As a systems thinker, I have expertise in connecting the dots in emerging trends, continuous  learning of new technologies, transformational design using Life’s Principles, observation of outlier patterns, and ability to identify optimum levers for change.

As a positive leadership development professional I apply my experience in designing and implementing strategic human potential models, expertise in learning strategies and curriculum, as well as facilitator and subject matter expert training.

My skills in strategic performance management include enabling organizational design and alignment to a common vision and mission, outcomes based goals, values alignment and creating agile yet measured structures for scaled implementation.

I bring these three perspectives together to lead strategic and high risk programs and portfolios in complex, regulated and unionized environments, partnering with executives, senior leadership, investors and key stakeholders to achieve their strategic goals.

Strengths that I bring to projects:

  • Agile principles including design thinking and UX
  • Culture hacking (including new habits cultivation)
  • Transformation Design using life’s principles (based on the BioMimicry model)
  • OKR (Objective, Key Results)
  • Solutions Focused Thinking

Stategic leadership and organizational development

  • Organizational leadership development: Facilitate insights and consult on 21st century leadership, governance and talent development models, potential assessment, leadership strategy design, prototyping, implementation roadmap and adoption tactics
  • Executive and senior team leadership development: Wellbeing and High Performance assessment, team experience design, growth strategies, and coaching
  • Employee Performance and Wellbeing Experience:  Re-engineering, innovations, design, prototyping, roadmaps, change management and project leadership

Strategy design and digital transformation leadership

  • Strategy design and alignment: vision and mission, goals, value proposition, business modelling, organizational design, implementation tactics, scaling, and measurement
  • Strategic initiative program leadership, including portfolio management, cost and supplier sourcing,  resource budgets, internal capacity building and change readiness assessment, adoption and transition strategies and sponsor coalition building
  • Transformational communication, ecosystem and community cultivation and partner/sponsorship tactics

Facilitator Training and Accreditation, Community of practice Design

  • Revitalizing of leadership, learning and performance management models, methods and practices to animate individual, team and organizational core purpose and culture
  • Immersive senior leadership experiences and templates, including introduction to new forms of ecosystem community design and building including new networking technology platforms
  • Executive, senior leaders, investor and stakeholder retreat design, preparation, hosting and post retreat continuous psycho-integration