Strengths: That which you do well (competent) and energizes you.

In the digital economy, it is important to know how to manage your vitality, achieve goals and not burn too many bridges with other people.

I developed and applied StrengthsBuilder™ practices with hundreds of individuals, startups as well as large enterprise as part of their leadership and organizational development strategies over many years.

These practices, mostly simple and strengths-oriented conversations, help you gain more insights into what is good about you (and other people) instead of what is wrong with you (and others).

Deceptively simple and nimble, you can use these in any way that suits your own needs and context. The tested, intuitive design means it can be re-taught to others without the need for long, extensive training. This makes it highly scalable while achieving real results, fast.

From all the strengths assessments and models, I find the Strengths Profile to offer the most value. It comes with a simple assessment that you can complete. Watch the short explanation of their simple model below, while you reflect on how you can better manage your energy and performance:

Strengthsbuilders are able to

  • Identify and use their own strengths and traits, including financial signature strengths towards achieving their and the organization’s financial mission
  • Practice strengths spotting to identify strengths in others and optimise it at the right time
  • Deploy strengths to allocate work and activities in terms of best fit and best utilisation
  • Build internal and external resources for resilience, performance, positivity and success
  • Identify weaknesses and find smart remedies to manage around these
  • Understand when strengths can become overplayed and result in professional and social costs
  • Leverage on success through celebration and appreciation
  • Promote and sustain a strengths-culture

Strengthsbuilder concepts are people centric and experiential:

  • Personalized
  • Systemic, whole person
  • Interconnected (self, future, reality)
  • Human centric
  • Anthropological
  • New values & ethics
  • Emancipation
  • Positive Deviants
  • Human flourishing
  • Optimum energy management
  • Meaningful work
  • Positive reframing
  • Value networks

Strengthsbuilding for small teams, communities are organizations are simple: