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The Prophecy

“There is a kind of refusal to serve power that isn’t a revolt or a rebellion, but a revolution in the sense of reversing meanings, of changing how things are understood.Anyone who has been able to break from the grip of a controlling, crippling belief or bigotry or enforced ignorance knows the sense of coming out into the light and air, of release, being set free to fly, to transcend.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the birds and animals and fish and plants and trees and insects, the minerals and sky and clouds and water and air and sun and moon and stars all gathered together.

The reason for their meeting was to talk about the great destruction of life on Pachamama caused by some humans who believed that they were more important than other living beings and who did not understand nor were interested in how interconnect life is.

The meeting was urgent because Wyra, the wind, told them the goddess of cyberspace showed her some scientists plan to hide the sun using chemicals. This meant that the mother of life, the sun, would no longer be able to create the conditions needed for all living beings on earth.

Hummingbird was given the task to visit Viracocha in his gardens to ask for help. 

When Hummingbird reached the Garden of Viracocha, he explained all the problems to Virococha.

Viracocha listened carefully while Hummingbird drank nectar from the flowers in this magical garden.

Then Viracocha told Hummingbird that he heard from the Sisters of Wyrd there will come a day in the near future when the gods and goddesses of technology and science, and the warlords and their kingdoms with robots will search everywhere to find out how to create the conditions conducive to life….as they will all face the realization of certain death and disintegration and realize that technology and science alone cannot save them.

He also told Hummingbird that Viracocha and Pachamama have, since the beginning of time, made sure humans can remember that they are guardians of the gardens of life around the universe.

Hummingbird also found out that the tears of Yacana (the Black Llama)  for all the humans, animals, plants, insects, the sun and moon and all living beings who were suffering because of the ways of the cruel humans, are the seed of the life essence of the Black Llama spirit to multiply and strengthen the guardians of the gardens of life.

During this time of struggle to save the light of the sun and moon and stars and clear blue sky, the spirit of the fire element will rise up in these humans to give them inspiration.

Through connecting with the spirit of water, they will have intentionless intent to work with each other across the universe to weave new stories and protect the gardens of life.

The spirit of the air element will send the seeds of their prayers and hope across all the directions of the sky so that the spirit of the black llama is rekindled  in everyone.

And the spirits of nature will continue to revive their imagination for protecting and creating Eden. And when they connect with space, they will see Yacana feed her baby and be happy and prosperous in health, wealth and happiness.

Before Hummingbird flew back to earth with this message, she asked Viracocha: “how we will be able to recognize the spirit of the Black Llama in human beings…?”

And so now, when you see a hummingbird, it is good to ask her to tell you more about the Black LLama spirit in you.

(The legend of the Black Llama)