Investors are not only interested in the numbers. They perform due diligence on the teams and their ability to deliver on high risk technology innovations. Strong teams are known to be a competitive differentiator for start-ups, innovation teams, as well as change leaders in established enterprise.

Executive teams, highly qualified and experienced specialists, project sponsors and support resources – all are under increased pressure to rapidly align and collaborate effectively to achieve measurable success. It becomes more challenging when there is cross-team collaboration in high stakes projects often done in virtual environments.

Adding to these challenges are where start-up ventures in new evolutionary technologies such as fitech, digital currencies, regtech, blockchain and others partner with established business leaders to design, prototype, test and create cost-benefit projects and develop compelling value propositions for further investment. Issues that immediately impact performance include the difference in culture and management expectations, governance and implementation approaches, to name a few.

Research demonstrates that purposeful team leadership development before and during new initiatives, such as acquisitions or technology transformation initiatives, are essential to success. Benefits include developing a cohesive team identity, developing team resilience, values and cultural alignment and onboard, accessing team creativity and enabling teams to help track and monitor task and team process progress and hold the leader and each other accountable.

Team coaching approach and steps

team coaching

Working with diverse team members during her career,  I have designed and delivered group development programs since 2001 where I honed my understanding of inter-personal and group dynamics, as well how to sustain effective group processes and programs that enable teams to find their own solutions for effective performance.

My philosophy is to meet team leaders and their teams “where they are” in their unique context. I apply agile and lean, human centered design thinking and applied positive team psychology to enable  teams to align, be nimble and productive. I empowers team leaders and team members through training, facilitation and coaching.

I do not promote a “one size fits all”, but co-creates with the team to tailor leading best practices that best suit the team and their unique context and goals.

Team leaders and teams gain insight and agree on the desired target future team competencies and performance indicators. I then work with teams to create practical development programs that build trust using a tailored strengths-development approach –  linking team growth directly to the team’s purpose and goals.  During the process I also provides support to the team leader to be an inspiring role model for the team.

Experience and certifications

With more than ten years of experience as an executive and senior leadership team coach, at Deloitte Consulting Canada, I trained in and facilitated the global Deloitte Team Coaching model and process with clients while contributing to the development of the Deloitte Team Leadership Centre of Excellence.

I obtained an academic post-graduate qualification in individual as well as group leadership facilitation and is a Certified Applied Positive Psychology  Practitioner and Coach through Dr Robert Biswas-Diener (USA).

More recently I obtained certification in the USA to facilitate Team Coaching International’s diagnostic and tools and completed the ORSK Foundational training. I also trained in the Co-Resolve – Participatory Leadership techniques with Myrna Lewis, applying the principles of Deep Democracy – a robust method for conflict resolution and effective group decision making.

List of team coaching methods and tools

Below is a list of global assessments and models available for team development programs:

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