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Liberating Stuctures

“Simple rules that make it easy to include and unleash everyone in shaping the future.”

“Structures that liberate.

Liberating (verb): To set free from imposed, controlling structures.

Stucture(noun): A set of simple rules that specify how people are included and participate.”

“Conventional structures were not designed to include everybody. ¬†The traditional structures have been in place for a very long time and they are designed to control and direct, one-to-many communication and instructions. And what we are talking about here is to develop structures that make it possible for the many to many to communicate. For everybody to be connected.”

“Because of this very simple structure, it is possible to let go of control without having an absolute mess. If you put a 100 people in a room without structure – there is a mess. But if you put in the right structure with exactly the same question, you can have something that is extremely productive and generative and you can really tap into that collective intelligence.”¬†Henri Lipmanowicz