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Are you writing new music, or are you just playing notes that have been written in the past? Are you creating sounds for tomorrow, or are you just accepting sounds from yesterday? “(Kai Kight on Composing Your World)

Wes Cecil – The Art of Philosophy

“For the Greeks the challenge had, for the most part, to be public. One can win no honor in seclusion. One cannot test oneself against nothing. The Greeks knew humans are great self-deceivers and not to be trusted in self-evaluation. If you think yourself a great boxer, then box. If you feel yourself a great poet, then recite your poetry and be judged.”

Alanna Irving, Enspiral – Open Source Organizations

it’s very interesting to me as someone living and working in decentralised collectives, that people seem obsessed with the problems of bad actors and preventing maliciousness, when that seems to me the most boring and least relevant kind of problem. Honestly it barely ever comes up. The truth is that when groups of humans *want* to collaborate well together, and everyone tries their best and has no ill intent, it’s still really freaking hard! That’s what we need to solve. And the difficulty goes way up with scale. Unless we crack *that* problem, we’re not going to see a new kind of society or economy emerge.”