My Specialties

Relationship Support to deal with: Social Isolation, Loneliness, Loss, Neglect and Ancestral Healing

Detrimental impact on quality of life because of relationship neglect, loneliness or loss of important relationships including due to different worldviews 

What is relationships distress?

Safety, security and trusting relationships are so important to us that researchers say loneliness is more damaging to your health and contribution to risk factors for heart attacks, than following a poor diet and lifestyle.

Nowadays few people can say that there has not been a big upheaval in their important relationships.

We live in unusually fragmented and radicalized societies where extreme communications are rewarded and amplified by attention-for-sale advertising models.

Clashes with loved ones, relatives and friends can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. 

Estrangement has become common, including between spouses, parents and children and siblings.

On social media countless stories are found of relationship trauma because parents and children, or siblings find themselves in irreconcilable realities, with their loved ones often described as “unrecognizable” from their loving former selves.

Whether through disagreement in worldviews, ethics and values, or formal dissolution of relationships through divorce or leaving a community, the effects of conflict and relationship separation contribute to social isolation, loneliness, emotional disconnection and even compassion fatigue.

The outcome of these experiences can result in

  • Emotional neglect (inattentiveness to emotions), disconnection and rejection of emotional needs.
  • Guilt and negative emotions towards yourself and or others.
  • Loss of experiences of endearment, past secure attachments and loving support.
  • Confusion and grief over lost relationships, and anger at social and cultural walls preventing re-connection.
  • Doubt in ability to evaluate others for positive and enduring relationships.
  • Deep sense of betrayal.
  • Loss of Positivity Resonance and apathy.
  • Lack of energy to develop and nourish new relationships.
  • Low self-esteem and questioning of your judgement.
  • Anger and even aggression.
  • Difficulties in trusting others again.
  • Search for ancestral roots, including patterns of wounds and trauma that could impact relationships in the present moment.
  • Interpersonal neurobiology. “Over the lifetime of an individual, the effects of neglect, stress, and declining social, emotional, and physical health also contribute to a chronic imbalance of central nervous system and immune system functions.”

How I help

 “Throughout the life span new experiences, relationships, ideas, behaviors, and information change the landscape of people’s lives and brains, increasing or decreasing our ability to cope and relate to others and their communities.”  Art Therapy and the Neuroscience of Relationships, Creativity, and Resiliency: Skills and Practices

I help you understand the neurobiology of relationship attachment, self-regulation and co-regulation (including ancestral healing.)

My goal is to help you process grief and sadness from relationship loss, gain confidence establishing new social interchanges, reconnect to past and new others and toward meaningful activities.

Throughout the process you will experience a relational neuroscience approach to become attuned and attuning relationships.