Iduna’s Gardens is my regenerative community hive.

Inspired by my ancestral Northern European mythology, Iduna’s Garden is a brave place for entrepreneurs and professionals to experience, learn about and incorporate regenerative psychology, thinking and practices in their personal life, work and as a lifestyle.

I designed and continue to develop it as a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and mentoring space capturing research and supplementary materials to support individuals as well as groups. Here we are co-creating a digital garden while starting regeneration habits for personal vitality.

Clients receive free access to this curated private group hosted on Mighty Networks.


A bit of history about Iduna’s Gardens

During 2018 New Year celebrations I set a goal to bring more playful imagination and enchantment into my personal development and restoration.

At the time I was researching my ancestral folklore and mythologies, where I discovered Iduna, a forgotten North European goddess of rejuventation and regeneration from Aesir, the realm of life and vitality.

With little historic and written information about her, I was able to allow my own imagination running free, allowing new ideas and coherence to emerge from a simple focus which I named at the time “Iduns Quest”. 

After a serious health crisis, I went to Sacred Valley, Peru for two months on a self-guided solo retreat to restore my health, digest the changes now initiated into my life and to find new pathways to existential questions brought on by it all. 

It was also an important time to contemplate the next few years of my career and profession, in particular to find a way to design and develop my own content, frameworks and methodologies independently from corporate client demands.

During my formal training in therapeutic arts, I discovered the concept of Art Hives. I decided to combine this with digital gardens to create a regenerative virtual space with regenerative leadership travel maps.