My Specialties


Integrating rapid and cascading life transformative events, such as the impacts of the pandemic, extreme weather or even mystical experiences

What is psychointegration?

A single peak experience or a cascade of life-changing events can cause us to change our sense of identity, worldviews, life philosophy, values and responses to reality.

Despite all the public celebration of the Hero’s Journey, the question many of us ask is how do we actually come down from the mountain, return to the village, then eventually home, workplace and our communities – especially now that home, workplaces and our communities are also transforming in this new highly non-linear, unstable and uncertain world we live in.

That process is called psychointegration. In other words, making sense of and find coherence of all the changes in the psyche (soul). Believe it or not – there is no operating or owners’ manual for it.

Examples of such experiences that can expand your sense of self, values and paradigm include: navigating a divorce, a serious health diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, having a peak mystical experience or sudden changes in finances or job situations.

A big global social transformation has been the loss of many relationships during the past few years.  It appears that almost no family, social network or workplace around the world has been spared.

While novelty and some stress is good for our brain health, too much novelty and change eventually cause challenges such as cognitive overload, decision fatigue and exhaustion.

Many of us do not know how to articulate these transformative events, perspectives and values successfully, while at the same time we also continue to be responsive and helpful to others and serve in various leadership roles ourselves.

We experience a flood of information offered by experts on how to set forth in a way that we can reach a state of flourishing – but since many of them appear to live lives relatively free from the current turmoil most people are experiencing, it raises questions in our minds of whether they would be the right experts on our lives.

Despite their claims to help us change our lives completely, transformative retreat facilitators, in particular those who have not worked in competitive corporations or government roles, are unable to provide knowledge and skills that are relevant to the changes we face.

Often we have to rely on various communities and the online self-help industry, including social media influencers, to digest, contemplate, and re-create our lives.

The outcome of these experiences can therefore contribute to

  • Feeling isolated and separate from what used to be familiar relationships and environments.
  • Sense of grief at so many losses (friends, relatives, work colleagues, nature, values, views, practices).
  • Tackling too many changes at the same time in enthusiasm for the vision and potential for positive life changes. 
  • Feeling “beyond resilience” –  burnout, loss of vitality.
  • Making lots of “beginner” mistakes, reducing confidence and motivation.
  • Joining social groups or communities who do not enable you to be successful and flourish – and might not offer the right peer support or tools to help you become successful.
  • Feeling as if you don’t have a compass or cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • Decision fatigue – constantly having to make many decisions, resulting in brain fog and less effective decision making.

How I help

I help you make sense of and relink to the world when your worldviews are expanded and lead to transformation of personality, of core principles or the way you perceive and understand self and reality.

During the process you will cultivate creativity and regenerative expression.

That means putting life at the centre of designing your future while you becoming comfortable in your new skin and embrace your new identity and reality.

I also provide you links to my own regenerative leadership and travel groups and networks to help you find peer support, practical role models and case studies and knowledge about new skills and emerging tech and markets. Our community of practice also support each other in starting up regeneration – personal and professionally.