I believe that what got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrow.

Just as classical art, for example, ballet, evolved from its origins and developed new technologies to become the athletic form it is today, leadership and organizational development technologies needs to evolve to respond to the new, volatile world we in-habit.

I have developed two creative leadership projects with the purpose of empowering leaders and organizations to respond more effectively to the current global trends.

Living within an increasingly turbulent world, there is more need than ever to cultivate leadership philosophies and revitalize skills that empower us to become more self-reliant, responsive to continuous crisis, improve our foresight and prediction capabilities, navigate and enable new emerging structures informed by collective human and species intelligences and tools, in particular non-machine consciousnesses.

If not you, who will co-create the new world? And who will volunteer to re-write and build healthy soils and foundations for new ways to conceptualize the future?

The BlackLlama Vintage Leadership Philosophy describes a new positive maverick leadership philosophy to cultivate regenerative cultures and economies and prepare leaders with the skills and capabilities they need for the future that has already arrived.

I am the creator of BlackLlama Enchantivism: a Nature-Connected Therapy for the Imagination.

As the founder of the BlackLlama Enchantivist Guild, my goal is to grow a global decentralized community who can facilitate the implementation of concepts from the BlackLlama Vintage Leadership Philosophy, fusing ecotherapy, creative movement, literature, art and philosophy-as-therapy to inspire action towards regenerative cultures, communities and economy.

Members of the BlackLlama Enchantivist Guild are collaborating on a Transformative Tech Academy initiative for 2019. We are passionate about working on or leveraging technology to raise mental health, emotional well-being or human thriving. 

Our goal is to inspire the design of earth-centric technologies that are accessible to most people on the planet.