New leadership for the 5th Industrial Economy

We code who we are.

To be able to restore vitality to local and global eco-systems, we need to regenerate and re-animate ourselves, while we cultivate our capacity to scale how we teach and share this knowledge with others.

“Clear thinking, creatively confident, emotionally flexible and resilient people are more effective at restoring the world’s living capital.” The Regenerative Enterprise

We live in a unique time where we have access to many different cultural ecosystems, games, new economic models, life enhancing and survival skills.

Now is an opportunity to imagine our way to a better future.

Just as classical art, for example, ballet, evolved from its origins and developed new technologies to become the athletic form it is today, leadership and organizational growth technologies need to evolve to respond to the new, volatile world we in-habit.

“The digital world is not a separate reality. People bring to their on-line interaction their strengths, their fears, their feelings, their past hurts, stage in life, cultural milieu, socio-economic status, and off-line connections with others.” Barry Wellman and Milena Gulia – adapted from their article: Net Surfers Don’t Ride Alone: Virtual Communities as Communities (August, 1997)

Mission-Oriented Leadership

Living within an increasingly turbulent world, there is more need than ever to cultivate leadership wisdom and skills that empower us to be responsive to continuous  change and crisis, improve our foresight and prediction capabilities, navigate and enable new emerging structures informed by collective human and species intelligences and tools, in particular non-machine consciousnesses.

If not you, who will co-create the new world? And who will volunteer to re-imagine and build healthy soils and foundations for new ways to conceptualize the future?

The BlackLlama Vintage Leadership Philosophy describes a new positive maverick leadership philosophy to accelerate adoption of emerging new transformative technologies and cultures, for example learning how to enhance customer desirability by incorporating digital wellness in your culture.

You will be inspired to create superhero technologies that generates human and planetary health and wellbeing, promote human autonomy, regenerative cultures and economies. BlackLlama Vintage Leadership philosophy, principles and practices aims to  prepare leaders with the skills and capabilities they need to be resilient and successful in an increasingly unpredictable and volatile world.

Cultural Ideation & Incubation: Community of Practice

I am the founder and concept creator of the BlackLlama Enchantivist Guild.

Our goal is to inspire the design of human and earth-centric transformative technologies that make holistic wellbeing accessible to everyone.

BlackLlama Enchantivism is an Ecotherapy for the Imagination. We enable an enhanced sensory experience of nature – facilitating the intentional therapeutic benefits that can naturally emerge through time spent outdoors.

The purpose of the Guild is build a prosperous, intentional cultural ideation and incubator where people from different worlds can co-create, learn how to nurture human capabilities, such as intuition, imagination while creatively change culture. We focus our attention and practices on simple challenges: automation, continuous change, productivity, energy or health issues such as financial insecurity, sleep problems, pervasive anxiety and relationship conflict.

Members of the BlackLlama Enchantivist Guild were accepted and completed the certification training of the Transformative Tech Academy 2019 Cohort.

We are passionate about working on or leveraging technology to raise mental health, emotional well-being and planetary thriving.  We recently completed our first ecotherapy facilitator retreat and curriculum in Peru.