The Restorative Economy and Regeneration Renaissance

“What we need is a great, powerful, tremendous falling back in love with our old, ancient, primordial Beloved, which is the Earth herself.”  Martin Shaw, from “Mud and Antler Bone” (Emergence Magazine)

Not all decentralized systems are alike

  Great minds don't think alike - and all decentralized systems are not alike either. How do you identify risks and opportunity zones in Decentralized Systems? "Given a random piece of tech, the first question is not how does it work, but what does it do. The...

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Learning from Goal Focused Positive Psychology

“Goal Focused Positive Psychotherapy (GFPP) is the first comprehensive approach to strength-oriented therapy that fully incorporates positive psychology principles. GFPP consists of four hallmarks: (1) formation of approach goals (Approach-oriented goals involve...

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Why are we experiencing a Regeneration Renaissance?

A new economy is being build, and we need you to help bring it forth. “A multitude of innovators and entrepreneurs around the world are experimenting with practical ways to reimagine capitalism, so that it works for all levels of society, a well as for the planet. In...

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What is Regeneration?

Photo: Annupurna Ecovillage, Nepal, April 2019 Regenerate It is an inherent capability that can be cultivated in relation to our food, relationships, ideas, art, philosophy, business management, spirituality, mythology, technology, economy, culture, shamanism,...

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