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Mission: Restoring Salka.

“Man is an outdoor animal. He toils at desks and talks of ledgers and parlors and art galleries but the endurance that brought him these was developed by rude ancestors, whose claim to kinship he would scorn and whose vitality he has inherited and squandered. He is what he is by reason of countless ages of direct contact with nature.” James H. McBride, MD, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1902.


Self-Sovereign Living. Life Force Retrieval. Restoration of Salka.



For individuals, partners and groups. Confidential online using Telemedicine platform. Strengthsbased, solutions oriented, creative therapies

Leadership Development Coaching/Facilitation

Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership Development for individuals and groups.

Retreat design and facilitation

Personal and groups design and delivery of enchantivist retreats using ecotherapy, storytelling, folklore, creative meditation, positive psychology, somatic movement and developing personal relationships with a curated network and ecosystem of local experts who provide facilitation and guidance.






Motivational speaking




Interactive and energizing presentations on how positive mavericks lead credible change. I also interview leaders on stage using a strengths-based, creative approach focused on edutainment.






Facilitator Training




Train-the-trainer programs for Leadership development and retreat facilitation.









Prices are quoted per hour in USD. Please feel free to discuss payment currency options.