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What is Regeneration?

Regenerate: Regenerata: To reproduce, to bring forth again

“1. To effect a complete moral reform in

2. to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

3. to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again.

4. Biology. to renew or restore (a lot, removed, or injured part).

5. Physics. To restore (a substance) to a favorable state or physical condition.”


Regenerative Design Thinking:

The philosophies, perspectives, principles, models, practices, technologies, data and tools to ideate, design, activate and cultivate regenerative education, innovations, business models, projects and communities.

Creating a regenerative life means working towards improved quality of work, life and play that is not only more in harmony with nature, but also abundant, happy and anti-fragile (in this rapidly changing world).

Regenerative purpose and action unites people from different walks of life.

What got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrow:

We know the majority of people on the planet want to contribute to tackling the various global crisis.

Millions of people around the world want to change how they work, live and make money.

Its just very challenging to know where to focus while you also navigate other unexpected and unplanned  life issues caused by the global pandemic and extreme weather events.

At the same time during this turmoil, the regenerative renaissance is on its way to become mainstream and you don’t want to miss out on transitioning your work and career to be part of the new economies.

Move with the times:

Research shows that regenerative design thinking and development not only generates human wellbeing, but also directly address global health problems as a result of nature-deficit and imbalances between humans, technology and the non-human world. The end result is that people experience a meaningful contribution in tackling our environmental, social and governance systems degeneration while working towards sustainable lifestyles.

Chances are that it’s on the radar of executive teams and venture capitalists, and included in many organizations’s innovation, talent, strategic partnering and future products and services strategies.

The very practical challenge that stands in the way of faster adoption of the regenerative economy, is insufficient internal and external investment in competencies and capabilities to bring it to fruition.

Professional development needs to take place against the backdrop of a turbulent environment where everyone has to sty productive and focused on using increasing automation, respond to new social-cultural norms while successfully navigating constantly changing and increasingly polarizing landscapes.

My unique approach to professional development makes it easy to find curated new knowledge, learn and cultivate a regenerative mind and focus on supporting the acceleration of the adoption and cultivation of a network of regenerative professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.


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