In five to ten years employment, jobs and the world of work will change significantly. Work tasks will require an agile learning mindset and ability to constantly work with new information and unstructured problems. (Heather McGowan)

Whether you work for a startup, established organization or non-profit, you need to continuously learn new skills, become more nimble, be creative and resourceful, cultivate discernment and judgment, stay productive, cultivate digital intelligence and be up to date and relevant with the latest trends and technologies…..

Hup hup you have no time for theories or trying to find out if things really work. Just sew your parachute while jumping out of the plane!

How do you Future Proof Your Self and Own Your Destiny?

“In an increasingly homogenous environment, it takes someone with a unique perspective and mindset to pursue original ideas. ” Artist Innovator Report (2017)

To be able to restore vitality to local and global eco-systems, we need to regenerate and re-animate ourselves, while we cultivate our capacity to teach and share this knowledge with others.

“Clear thinking, creatively confident, emotionally flexible and resilient people are more effective at restoring the world’s living capital.” The Regenerative Enterprise

Are you ready for a personal and professional leadership growth path that is off the well-beaten track? 

I provide coaching, mentoring and consulting to those individuals who are ready to find and apply new, leading edge personal and professional leadership growth approaches while keeping keeping their feet firmly planted in action-based research in the real world.

 To know about humanity, you first have to learn to be human.


What I offer

“Rewild: To engage in practices which allow the human nervous system to develop to its full capability, including the sensitivity and awareness of our undomesticated hunter-gatherer ancestors.” (Wild Open)

Positive Maverick Leadership Models 

Responding to dynamic trends in tokenization, blockchain and transformational technologies in the digital economy, I share my personal research, practices and “secret sauce” that enables others to work successfully in diverse industries and cultures.

Based on more than 20 years studying positive outliers and pathfinders in corporate as well as leadership in emerging cultural spaces, my clients gain access to innovative new ideas, skills and eco-networks that are not yet mainstream.

I combine new human development methodologies, such as StrengthsProfiler, Goal Focused Positive Psychotherapy, Solutions Focused Thinking, Nature-connected Leadership with Transformative Tech. 

Clients appreciate my agile and rapid prototyping leadership development models and pathways, as well as innovator artist, positive identity building approach which enables them to “sow their parachute while jumping out of the plane“.


Curated community (of practice) network

Intentional community of practice design and cultivating an ecosystem to remove barriers to success, is a cornerstone in any leaders’ growth.

In the new regeneration economy, it is also key to successful client work and strategic ecosystem development.

With this in mind, I provide my clients with access to my own curated, global positive maverick network community of practice. Here you will be able to engage with a diverse, decentralized community consisting of therapists, counsellors, facilitators, coaches, artist innovators, life transition experts and cultural creative entrepreneurs, to mention but a few.

Our common goal is to gain new knowledge, practice habit change, trans(form) our technoself, gain new worldviews, revitalize ourselves, cultivate compassion and loving-kindness for the natural world, increase our lifespan and improve the quality of our lives.


My Services


Consulting, Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring

Personal and Group Revitalization and Regeneration Capabilities

Vitality recovery and restoration

Re-Nurturing creative inner and external landscapes

Conversations that Matter


Facilitator Training and Accreditation

Personal and Cultural Regenerative Skills: Restoring The Fabric of Life

Regenerative people and organizational development methods and practices

Immersive Vintage Leadership experiences and templates including new approaches to community of practice design and building

Positive Maverick leadership retreat preparation, hosting and post-retreat integration

Speaking and Immersive Edu-Tainment

Inspiring the Craft of Creative Change

Positive Maverick introductions to understand their unique Vision and Style

Positive Mavericks Leadership – Educational Talks and Workshops

Immersive, personal growth design and interactive presentations