New forms of leadership are emerging with new technologies

“All three attributes – decentralized, secure, and human-meaningful – must be provided if people are to communicate and be communicated about securely over the Internet, and this paper along with the article Advances in Distributed Security shows how to provide all three.”  Nick Scabo – Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority –  originally published in 1998

The time has come for alternative new ideas and practices to disrupt the way we think about leadership and organizational development.

Leaderless Organizations

To demonstrate my point, I invite you to contemplate an example of perspectives from some leaders in the Genesis Blockchain Generation.The Visual Graphic Unconference themes from the 2018 Satoshi Roundtable posted by the Cryptocurrency Nerds.

Some additional bits of ad hoc information about the Satoshi Roundtable.

  • It takes place at the same time as the annual global Davos meetings
  • There are strict rules to participate, including not disclosing the names of participants nor the venue.
  • There is a sincere attempt to be inclusive, which means people who might be having public, even idealogical differences, will be in attendance and work together towards common goals.

Let’s outfox some boundaries

  • Is leadership a social construct that prevents participants in a group for failing to take initiative or thinking critically about their actions?
  • Does leadership create dependencies on individuals?
  • Can focusing on the qualities and properties of individuals rather than relationships between people create risks?
  • How can focusing on exemplary leaders create vulnerability in groups?
  • If leadership essential to collective action?
  • As long as there is a leader, this person becomes an archilles heal
  • How does focusing on leaders reproduce current power structures?