Resilience Thinking

“Resilience thinking is about anticipating, adapting, learning and transforming human actions in light of the unprecedented challenges of our increasingly turbulent world.” (Watanabe, 2011)


Strengthsbuilder™ is a nimble, human-centric and solutions oriented approach to digital transformations. Based on the science of peak performance, Strengthsbuilder™ accelerates change by defining, building and embedding positive leadership and organizational practices and cultures to thrive in the distributed future of the economy. Benefits include positive customer and employee experiences, adaptive mindset and increase in the speed and capacity of new technology adoption and utilization.

Functionally Fit Organization

Functional fitness for adaptive organizations are similar to human functional fitness

  • the ability to start and stop in a nimble way (agile)
  • open to diverse ideas, new ways of work and value creation (flexible)
  • a core essence that creates a sense of presence and support (stability)
  • able to stay in motion (mobility)
  • strength.




Solutions Focused Approach

Solution-focused is a future-focused, goal-directed approach to therapy that highlights the importance of searching for solutions rather than focusing on problems (Trepper, Dolan, McCollum, & Nelson, 2006; Proudlock & Wellman, 2011). As a counselling approach, solution-focused therapy allows people to adopt different perspectives to look at a specific situation and therefore deepen their understanding of antecedents and consequences (Lam & Yuen, 2008). In other words, it is a strengths-based approach, emphasizing people’s resilience, strengths, and resources people possess and how these can be utilized in the pursuit of goals and the enactment of purposeful positive change (Corcoran & Pillai, 2007; Grant, 2011; 2012).”


Adaptive Consulting

Adapting your consulting approach to be fit for purpose. Unlike traditional consulting, adaptive consulting deploys intuition honed through experience and deep research, growth mindset, positive interventions, strengths-based methodologies and solutions-focused coaching and facilitation.

Established What I Learnt Adaptive Consulting
Best practices (engineering, structure and process driven based on formulas) Not being stuck in “best practices” and methodologies or specific technology platforms, – examine what is essential and what actually works Good practices based on context and organizational needs: Apply design thinking and lean startup to design approach and tools that are “sticky” and translatable to all (rapid scaling)
Consultant as Domain Expert Help our clients be as clear as possible about what’s wanted and optimize their own inherent competencies and resources for achieving it Consultant comes with “a beginner’s mind”
Leadership Development Achieve visible change by providing our clients hands-on tools, tactics and practices to accelerate digital transformation maturity Leadership Culture Labs:

Prototyping values

Innovative new leadership models co-created by leaders in organization. The role of the program designed is to create patterns, tools and adaptive learning that scale and replicate across functions, projects, teams, and all levels of employees in the organization.

Research root causes and develop solutions for problems (time consuming, past focus) Take a direct and pragmatic route to what works by overlooking excursions such as delving into constant analysis of problems and trying to “fix” what’s not working Apply solutions focused thinking and agile methods for leadership and change: Build an organization that is stronger tomorrow than it is today
Change management to deal with “resistance: to change Organizations are social systems and change happens through structural/process change as well as changes in habits. People perform at their best when they are focused on realizing their strengths and potential while building their confidence Focus on the science of how people learn, grow and change: Cultivating a “growth mindset”, improving the quality and quantity for conversations and relationships
Data and analysis of the current situation to identify problems and needs and then solve these (SWOT) In the fast moving world with multiple changes happening at once, waiting for sufficient data, diagnosis through surveys, analysis and then validation can reliably be replaced with discover, choose, act – relying on intuition that is based on experience, research and rapid prototyping Study Deep Learing