Imagination. Intuition. Intent. Inspiration. Positive Impact.

Creating new technologies of human development in the digital and cognitive technology evolution

It is my conviction we can create a future that is generative, meet vital needs and brings out the best qualities and potential of what life offers as the transition to intelligent computers takes place. I value creating inclusivity and access to capital and banking – It is essential to develop financial wellbeing and collective welfare in all communities so that society and the planet prosper.


The value of positivity at work

All human beings want to be happy, healthy and live a good life. The pursuit of happiness has been studied and written about by philosophers and poets since time immemorial. Today great companies such as Zappos, view happiness as one of the major pathways to...

The Science of Happiness and Vitality

All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being, and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will toward health, an impulse towards growth, or towards the actualization. Abraham Maslow...

Vitality and the Digital Economy

We need energy and creativity  to thrive in the digital economy Vitality originates from the Latin word: Vital, which means “life”. It is recognized through some form of dynamic expression. Vitality is more than just physical, it is also an internal experience. It is...

The Future is Digital and Regenerative

"Within an incredibly short time and space, the Internet is becoming dramatically mobile, social, video and artificially intelligent – encompassing everyone and everything, becoming ubiquitous as water, air or electricity. In this context, it is crucial to embrace yet...

Why EI is difficult for AI

Understanding emotions is critical for effective human interaction, to learn about people and the world in which we live. We will learn new skills such as the ability to distinguish between computer generated emotional experiences and other “organic” such as animals and humans.


A design-thinking organization is capable of effectively advancing knowledge from mystery to heuristic to algorithm, gaining a cost advantage over its competitors along the way.

Neurosciences – the new frontier in leadership

Leadership is evolving to a new frontier.

As leaders continuously face new challenges and opportunities, they often search through the latest scientific research to understand new knowledge and build new skills to continuously gain advantage for themselves and their enterprises.

From Basement to Boardroam: The Bitcoin to Blockchain…a Personal Encounter

Shortly after my first Bitcoin encounters I was one of the first people who witnessed the founding of Decentral Vancouver, a community space dedicated to blockchain technologies. I was visiting the just-opened space when the first piece of furniture, an old family fridge, was carted into to the basement. I helped look after Eleanor, the Decentral cat and mascot, so that she does not run away into the street in downtown Vancouver.

The Future has Arrived…Are you ready for it?

Are you writing new music, or are you just playing notes that have been written in the past? Are you creating sounds for tomorrow, or are you just accepting sounds from yesterday? (Kai Kight on Composing Your World). Creativity is an essential quality that enables us to survive and thrive as we co-evolve in the world of continuous change.