The Green Book: The Art of Decentralized Leadership in the Singularity

The Key Elements and Foundations for Architecting Distributed Autonomous Organizational Leadership

A Machine Training Genesis Manual for a Humanoid Robot in the 21st Century

Don’t drum up the crew to gather wood. Divide the work and give orders.

Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea

“Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Wisdom of the Sands

“A corporation is just a set of rules, and so is software. It’s all code, and doesn’t care about people, our priorities, our future unless we bother to program those concerns into it.It is therefore useful, particularly in a rapidly changing media environment, to look at corporations as they were forms of media: programs written by people at a particular moment in history in order to accomplish specific goals.” Douglas Rushkoff

What does leadership even mean?

What is missing in popular exponential leadership models?

We are the token and blockchain generation

What is the culture of the genesis token and blockchain generation (how can you spot us)?




How is the token and blockchain generation different compared to technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft?

Do we still need leaders in the token economy and distributed autonomous organizations?

Three Proofs of the Art of Leadership (adapted from Aristotle)

Background: Leadership Web3.0

  1. Why is leadership important in the token economy and blockchain eco-system?
  2. The leadership models that got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrow.
  3. A bit of leadership philosophy
  4. Setting your intent towards self-determination