We are experiencing a global regeneration renaissance.

“In an increasingly homogenous environment, it takes someone with a unique perspective and mindset to pursue original ideas. ”

Artist Innovator Report (2017)

I am the founder of the BlackLlama Guild.

The BlackLlama Guild offers distinct positive strategies for change and functional fitness:

  • BlackLlama Leadership Philosophy (leadership for positive mavericks and rebel talent)
  • BlackLlama Leadership Principles, Practices and Tools:  Events, Experiences, Programs, Products and Tools offered under the brand of Hummingbird’s Travel Agency; and 
  • BlackLlama Enchantivism – a unique expressive leadership skill for transformational change using mythmaking, storytelling, serious games and other creative techniques

The BlackLlama Guild originates from a formal sabbatical reflecting on Positive Maverick/Rebel Leadership and Culture, in particular regeneration leadership practices, vintage leadership philosophy and skills to cultivate intuition and imagination, during a few months of solitary retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru.


Our global community of BlackLlama Guild members are artist and innovators who ideate, design and incubate cultural values transformation experiences, leadership programs and cultural transformation tools. 

BlackLlama Guild members are positive mavericks (rebels with a cause) who use storytelling, imagination and linking of mythology and folklore to current events to inspire action for personal and cultural change.  They facilitate innovative models for personal and professional learning, using peer-to-peer learning models that are structured to engage participants on areas that they want to gain or contribute knowledge.

We contribute to pioneering new models of leadership incorporating nature, literature, gaming, philosophy, art and other humane arts. Our calling is to shift leaders from human centric paradigms to embrace an ecocentric consciousness.

Our vision is to revitalize the leadership development industry and in that way contribute to the growth of regenerative cultures and economies.

Our mission is to empower team human to rewild and nourish human imagination and eco-self-sovereign living as essential practical wisdom technologies. This will enable team humans to build capacity for systems self-actualization while restoring the world’s ecosystems.

We are currently working on the following Big Problem:

How do we introduce nature-connected habits and regenerative principles into the executive mind without arousing an immune response?

Our answer to the problem has been to develop a unique new ecotherapy including accreditation curriculum for the imagination, published and distributed under Hummingbird’s Travel Agency.  BlackLlama Guild members have completed certification in the Second Cohort of the Transformative Tech Academy.

Contact us to find out more about how to access our first ecoart therapy book published under Hummingbird’s Travel Agency or anything else you want to know more about.