Resilience Thinking

“Resilience thinking is about anticipating, adapting, learning and transforming human actions in light of the unprecedented challenges of our increasingly turbulent world.” (Watanabe, 2011)


Strengthsbuilder™ is a nimble, human-centric and solutions oriented approach to digital transformations. Based on the science of peak performance, Strengthsbuilder™ accelerates change by defining, building and embedding positive leadership and organizational practices and cultures to thrive in the distributed future of the economy. Benefits include positive customer and employee experiences, adaptive mindset and increase in the speed and capacity of new technology adoption and utilization.

Functionally Fit Organization

Functional fitness for adaptive organizations are similar to human functional fitness

  • the ability to start and stop in a nimble way (agile)
  • open to diverse ideas, new ways of work and value creation (flexible)
  • a core essence that creates a sense of presence and support (stability)
  • able to stay in motion (mobility)
  • strength.




Solutions Focused Approach

Solution-focused is a future-focused, goal-directed approach to therapy that highlights the importance of searching for solutions rather than focusing on problems (Trepper, Dolan, McCollum, & Nelson, 2006; Proudlock & Wellman, 2011). As a counselling approach, solution-focused therapy allows people to adopt different perspectives to look at a specific situation and therefore deepen their understanding of antecedents and consequences (Lam & Yuen, 2008). In other words, it is a strengths-based approach, emphasizing people’s resilience, strengths, and resources people possess and how these can be utilized in the pursuit of goals and the enactment of purposeful positive change (Corcoran & Pillai, 2007; Grant, 2011; 2012).”