I am a Canadian award-winning, Vancouver-based emerging tech influencer and future trends consultant with more than 15 years of experience innovating strategy planning, digital futures leadership and organizational development.

Clients value my expertise to prepare their current and next generation leaders to be successful in the Fifth Industrial Revolution. 

I provide strategic consulting on mission-oriented innovation,  new models of leadership and cultural development to prepare leaders and organizations to tap into emerging markets, leveraging technology to raise physical and mental health, emotional well-being and human and planetary thriving.

I incorporate positive psychology and leadership, applied ecopsychology and visual thinking practices in my approach. These not only provide cultural change and performance benefits for leaders, but also supports sustainable development and systems wellbeing demands by consumers and other key stakeholders.

My professional experience includes private and public sector, as well as decentralized communities in emerging tech.

My specialties are executive and board level leadership consulting and partnering on strategic, responsive digital cultural design and adoption, including strategic leadership alignment, curriculum development, cascading of strategy and goals across the enterprise and ecosystem, as well as performance optimization and wellness cultivation:

  • Positive Maverick Leadership Philosophy, Principles and Practices
  • Strategies for cultivating regenerative cultures and transformational technologies
  • Off-the-beaten track leadership skills to cultivate novel (difficult to replicate and automate) capabilities to inspire confidence in more hopeful social and cultural change
  • Internal expert leadership development capacity building (train-the-trainer/facilitator). In partnership with clients, I design, prototype and develop strategic, innovative leadership, talent and cultural impact models that are easy to adopt, scale organically and contribute to more wellbeing for individuals, teams and organizations.

Growing up in a frontier family, I originally trained professionally as South African chartered accountant. I also hold a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership Development (cum laude). 

My research article explored the practical application of contemplative practices for leadership development in which I proposed a taxonomy for practices, based on goals and outcomes required.

My professional credentials include 20+ years of strategic leadership and organizational change, including senior leadership roles as well as lead consultant roles in large enterprise.

I worked  for organizations such as HSBC, Barclays/Africa, Deloitte, PHSA, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) BC Liquor Distribution Board, Provincial Health Services Authority, Presidents of Enterprising Organizations and Ontario Centres of Excellence; decentralized and emerging tech community leadership and programming design for the BC Blockchain Forum which includes the design of a Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon with Blockstack in Vancouver.

What sets the idea of transformation apart from other forms of change is that it is “a change of” not just “a change in….” Trans-form means to move across forms, to change the very form of… The fundamental deep structure of the organism is changed, not just the surface appearance. —Elizabeth Lange (2012, 202)

We need to rewrite the technologies of human development if we want a future that is not just digital, but also regenerative. 

I am passionate about contributing to the nurturing of a new ecological consciousness.

My personal mission is to inspire the design of Nature-connected transformational technologies that helps us “rewild” ourselves and our world, nurture our imagination and achieve lifestyle changes creatively.



Education and Certification


  • B Com (Accounting, Auditing, Business Management)
  • Higher Diploma Accountancy
  • Chartered Accountant South Africa
  • Masters in Philosophy Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership (cum laude)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate: Individual and Group Leadership Consulting, Facilitation and Coaching
  • Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach
  • Certified Team Coaching International Facilitator
  • Certified Somatic (Embodied) Leadership Coach and Educator (White Belt, Green Belt)
  • Foundations of Happiness at Work: Berkeley, University of California
  • Prosci Certified Change PractitionerTrain-the-trainer offering all Prosci training in-house, Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp
  • Leadership and Talent Assessments and Development (including HEXACO Personality Model, Strengths Profile)
  • Introduction to Digital Currencies (with accomplishment) (University Nicosia – The first university course on bitcoin and blockchain technologies)
  • Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered (MIT)
  • Deep Democracy Facilitator: Participative Leadership Facilitator

My Bio

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Accepted and completed certification on the 2nd Cohort of the Transformative Tech Academy, 2019.

Ranked on Thomson Reuters Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017.

Lead consultant and designer for the Deloitte Young Professional’s Personal Leadership Program, 2013 culminating in the Vancouver consulting practice winning the International Coach Federation Vancouver Prism  Award that year.

During 2012 I was selected as finalist for Innovator Idol, Ontario Centres of Excellence – for a distributed leadership development – strategy performance SAAS solution build on Drupal opensource software, deployed in organization such as Barclays and the RIC Centre for accelerating innovation in Ontario.

My Top Three Character Strengths

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence