9 Tips to create a calming zone for yourself at Work, Home and Play

Nowadays most of us have to adapt to multiple changes at work and home.

Increases in work pressure mixed with constant change and uncertainty can become very stressful.

Hillary Scarlet says “ “Navigating change requires more energy than our normal activities at work.”

Emotions are contagious. Even if we are mentally strong, we will pick up other people’s responses to stress, including their anxiety, anger, nervousness and even friction with others.

Your will power is a limited resource and is easily used up.

So What?

Constant change and pressure to produce more makes it difficult for most people to stay calm, productive and be a good team player.

If you work in an open plan workspace it is even more difficult to de-stress as there is no privacy and people around you are more aware of your moods, relationships with others and work productivity.

Stressful situations at work can stay unresolved in your mind for too long and has a tendency to take a toll at home.

For example…

Stress at work prevents you from fully relaxing when you’re at home.

It often reduces the quality of your sleep as you replay scenes or fret about issues.

You have less energy to focus on personal administration (which starts falling behind).

Less time to simply have fun.

It has a negative impact on family relationships.

You also start neglecting your physical health.

Nine simple practices to create a calming zone for yourself

Victor Frankl said:

“Between a stimulus and a response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Use and share these 9 simple, tried-and-tested emotional intelligence practices to create a calming zone for yourself at work (and home).

They will help you manage your responses to stress in a way that you:

Regain composure;

Become more open to other ideas;

Make better decisions;

Deal better with tricky situations;

Repair and maintain positive relationships at work and home; and

Stay productive.

You can also download the series to have it handy on your phone.