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Ten design lessons from Ikebana

  1. Space is as important as positive elements. Learn to see space.
  2. Space allows other elements to “breathe” and connect.
  3. Empty space is a powerful amplifier, helping to create a whole that is more engaging than the mere sum of the individual parts.
  4. Suggestion and subtlety in design engages the viewer, allowing them to complete the uncompleted.
  5. Arrangements (designs) should stimulate the imagination of the viewer.
  6. In formality there exists creativity and freedom of expression. No structure, no freedom.
  7. In simplicity there exists clarity, beauty and meaning.
  8. Asymmetrical balance is natural, dynamic, and engaging.
  9. For the designer (or artist), focus, calm, gentleness and vision are more important qualities than raw enthusiasm. Slow down your busy mind.
  10. Careful arrangement of the elements based on solid principles creates beauty and engagement without decoration.

(From the book: Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations, by Garr Reynolds)