This simple grounding activity is valuable to calm your mind and gather your wits, before, during or after challenging situations. It works well for anxiety, frustration or other stress inducing situations.

Trees are able to breathe in the toxic air such as carbon, transform it into fuel for itself, and then breathe out oxygen. Imagine yourself like a tree – able to breathe in all your stress, transform it into fuel and then breathe it out as life-giving air.

Begin by taking the Tree Posture.

  1.  Sit, cross your feet if you are sitting on a chair. If you are standing, plant your feet firmly on the ground.
  2. Straighten your “trunk” (sit or stand up straight with your chest slightly out).
  3. Relax your hands to rest on your legs, or hang them relaxed by your side if you are standing.
  4. Lower your chin slightly.
  5. If you can, close your eyes. If not, try and make a 45 degree gaze in front of you. (In meetings it is easy to look like you are an attentive listening mode when in this posture.)

Relax as you imagine becoming like a Tree

Take a deep breath in and then breathe out, then

  1. Pay attention to the stillness of your body.
  2. Listen to the silence between all the sounds.
  3. Feel your mind become open like a clear blue sky.