“Map new terrain rather than chart old landmarks.” – Marshall McLuhan


are people who are able to venture into the not-yet-known, return and show the path to a new future and reality to their community.

In our history these were the people who opened up new value in society, be it in innovative forms of art, thinking or business models.

DigitalFutures Leadership

The most crucial lever for digital  transformation is leadership development.

Redefining leadership is an important step in changing culture.

“Cultural change may correlate directly to how regularly a set of new ideas are mentally animated by everyone.” (David Rock – Founder of the Neuroleadership Institute)

Leadership in the digital economy arises not by formal appointment, but is earned through a powerful core mission, creative imagination and intuition, inspiration through direct experience, taking a stance, doing things without asking permission and being a role model for vital impact.

It emerges in unexpected ways through

  • Unintentional intention
  • Effortless Effort
  • Uncultivated Original Communication