Strengths: That which you do well (competent) and energizes you.

Leadership in the innovation economy arises not by formal appointment, but is earned through a powerful core mission and creative imagination, inspiring others through direct experience, taking a stance, doing things without asking permission and being a role model for positive change and impact.

Strengthsbuilders are able to

  • Identify and use their own strengths and traits, including financial signature strengths towards achieving their and the organization’s financial mission
  • Practice strengths spotting to identify strengths in others and optimise it at the right time
  • Deploy strengths to allocate work and activities in terms of best fit and best utilisation
  • Build internal and external resources for resilience, performance, positivity and success
  • Identify weaknesses and find smart remedies to manage around these
  • Understand when strengths can become overplayed and result in professional and social costs
  • Leverage on success through celebration and appreciation
  • Promote and sustain a strengths-culture

Strengthsbuilder concepts are people centric and experiential:

  • Personalized
  • Systemic, whole person
  • Interconnected (self, future, reality)
  • Human centric
  • Anthropological
  • New values & ethics
  • Emancipation
  • Positive Deviants
  • Human flourishing
  • Optimum energy management
  • Meaningful work
  • Positive reframing
  • Value networks

Strengthsbuilding for small teams, communities are organizations are simple: