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If you had complete self-determination, what would you be doing right now?Think of the vast potential of your life: the relationships you could have, the things you could experience, all the ways you could give meaning to your existence. When you were born, it seemed there was no limit to what you could become. You represented pure possibility.


  • Write your name and the date:
  • What results do you want to achieve from engaging and participating in this genesis program?
  • Who will you be six months from now?

Learning objectives of Module One

After completion of this module, you will be able to explain traditional foundational views on personal leadership, and

  • Define personal leadership for yourself
  • Explain why and how personal leadership is an important pre-requisite for great leadership
  • Discuss the concept of “inside out” and “outside-in” leadership and why it is important to have both for leadership growth
  • Identify your own personal leadership growth opportunities to know which technologies of self to apply to hone your skills

“Managers tend to control resources to get results. But leaders exert character to build a sustainable future.” (Kevin Cashman, a Global Executive Leadership Guru).

You could be asking yourself: “Is this course about leadership or is it about personal growth or leadership?” It’s about all of these. As much as we might want to separate the leader from the person, the two are inseparable.

Kevin Cashman says that Leadership is an Expression of Who we are. It is our being in action. We lead by virtue of who we are. To invest in self-growth is also to invest in your leadership development.

Who would Vitalik Invest in?

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  • Think about a personal or professional goal. How can you engage with this program to support peak performance?
  • Do you have a coach/mentor? If so, how can they support you in achieving your personal leadership development programs using this program?
  • In your own words: What is the essence of personal leadership in the distributed digital economy?

The essence of personal leadership

Leadership mastery to many people is the mastery of something outside of ourselves. Examples include: mastery of the skills to be a dynamic speaker, mastery of strategic planning or visioning, or mastery in growth hacking or coding in solidity.

Like machine learning, our current training, development and current educational systems focus on learning about things, informative learning. Our success is measured by the degree to which we have mastered our external environment.

Most descriptions about leadership focus on outer manifestations of leadership (popular is vision, judgement, drive, confidence). These are valuable aspects of leadership development.

However in this program we shift our attention to the essence of leadership itself through direct experience.