My Motto

Photograph: Wall in Moco Museum, Amsterdam April 2019

“In an increasingly homogenous environment, it takes someone with a unique perspective and mindset to pursue original ideas. ” Artist Innovator Report (2017)


Hello, I am MaRi Eagar 

I am an Innovation Leadership Consultant helping clients re-design leadership and culture development for improved digital wellbeing, resilience and regeneration

Innovation Leadership. Regenerative Economy. Positive Organizations. Digital Wellbeing. Transformative Tech.

My Content

Years of experience working in corporate as well as emerging economy cultures, enables me to offer novel, positive outlier interventions, technologies, techniques and knowledge that is not offered elsewhere. My designs enable clients to apply and evolve it, inspired to adopt and create their own contemporary tools in personal and business cultures.

My Methods

I love learning!!! I enjoy testing therapy bots and AI for fun. I  study storytelling, mythmaking and other creative forms of expression. That means that I can apply new practices and innovations to ensure an engaging and high value transformative learning experience. Creating legacy, such as intergenerational culture transmission processes, is important to me.

How I Work

I enable reconnection to essential core, quality relationships and outcomes based programs. I follow a solutions-oriented, strengths-based approach to build on current assets (often hidden). Where possible, I create foundations for establishing internal capabilities and communities of practice to limit future dependencies on a few experts.

Individual and Business Leadership Development


Strategic Alignment

Individual and Group Consulting, Coaching, Facilitation & Mentoring

Personal and Business Leadership Brand: strategies for aligning collective leadership behavior to business strategy and results

Strategic Leadership and Talent Development: Needs analysis, program and curriculum design, prototyping and adoption plan

21st Century Innovation Economy: Peak performance management, work wellbeing, including personal and organizational digital Intelligence


Digital Wellbeing

Leadership Facilitation and Internal Capacity Building

Positive Maverick leadership and business strategy, circular economy, digital wellness and cultural models, principles and practices

 Immersive experiences, templates and coaching, including community of practice design and building

Nature-connected and creative leadership residency preparation, hosting and post-retreat integration (leaders, investors, founders, innovators)

Creative Transformation

Transformative Communications and Agile Change

Design of participatory events and experiences using storytelling, myth-making and expressive art to inspire change

Educational Talks and Workshops on the power of natural intelligence, imagination and intuition in an attention deficit world

Transformative communication strategies for cultural hacking to inspire ecosystems growth, as well as content design and interactive presentations

Benefits and Outcomes

Leadership teams focused on building a trusting, coherent, positive leadership brand and esteem, based on real results.

Leaders learning tools and skills to shift their own and organizational paradigms to respond to opportunity zones.

Community of Practice by Intentional Design for transformative learning to facilitate new forms of perception, action and consciousness.

Continuous improvement mindset cultivating quality relationships with diverse stakeholders and ecosystems.

Leadership and organizational growth building on perspectives, principles and habits of wholistic wellbeing and circular/regenerative economies

Leaders developing new generation leadership cohorts to deepen strategic differentiating capabilities and market responsiveness.

Internal creative and innovation culture linked to group and collective performance incorporating drivers for health and addressing hidden obstacles to wellbeing.

Strategic responsiveness capabilities to mitigate ecosystems degeneration and build new markets and products based on emerging new analog and digital technologies for whole systems revitalization.

Transformative communication strategies and capabilities that create positive impact.

Real enjoyment arises from activities that activate concentration, that require practice and skill, and that deliver sensory enjoyment. ” Catherine Wilson – How to be an Epicurian – Aeon Magazine