MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

Founder of BlackLlama Enchantivist School. Cultural Creative. Positive Maverick.

“Within an incredibly short time and space, the Internet is becoming dramatically mobile, social, video and artificially intelligent – encompassing everyone and everything, becoming ubiquitous as water, air or electricity. In this context, it is crucial to embrace yet to humanise and transcend technology; to hone in on what makes us truly human rather than a ‘better machine’: things such as imagination and intuition, creativity, problem-solving, complex understanding, improvisation, emotions and plasticity. We must therefore let go of the ‘machine-work’ – and most its traditional metrics, KPIs and success measurements – to truly reinvent what our jobs, work and ‘professional services’ can mean in the future.” Gerd Leonhard


“Salka is a Quecha word for natural or undomesticated energy.

The wolf is salka, while the dog is domesticated.

The condor is salka, while the chicken is domesticated.

The deer is salka while the sheep is domesticated.

Salka is the natural, free, energy of life and so all beings have salka.

In domesticated beings, however, domestication is like a veneer through which the light of salka must shine.

We members of Modern Society have to be domesticated in order to survive the environment that our society has created. What time we get up, how we dress, how we make a living, what we do for entertainment, what we eat and drink, the various roles we play as friend, spouse, parent, coworker, consumer, and citizen are all drawn from the list of options provided by our society.

Even more important than the domestication of our time and energy, however, is the domestication of our concepts of self, our understanding of who we are as Beings in this Cosmos.”

– Oakley E. Gordon – The Andean Cosmovision: A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature and the Cosmos