My Motto

Build things you need to see exist in the world.


I want to live in a world where people live, work and play with nature in mind

Hello, I am MaRi Eagar 

I am a Digital Futures Leadership Professional and Practitioner and Therapeutic Art Coach.

A creative designer, software developer, technology adoption expert and experienced facilitator and coach, I enable leaders and organizations to prepare for and cultivate the new leadership capabilities and cultures to be future fit and resilient.

My approaches and tools are tried and tested in diverse environments, including highly regulated and structured, global enterprise.

Clients value that I present complex, scientifically informed knowledge and skills in a way that thousands of people can find it easy to learn and apply at work and in their personal lives. 

My clients are founders, innovators, professionals, intrapreneurs, consultants, startups, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who are passionate about mission-oriented innovation.

My Content

Years of experience working in corporate as well as emerging economy cultures such a regenerative enterprise, blockchain and transformative tech, enables me to offer novel, positive outlier knowledge, interventions, tools and technologies not yet offered elsewhere. I empower clients to evolve my designs, and adopt and create their own contemporary tools.

My Methods

I apply design thinking to my work and  research game theory, values-based wealth creation, storytelling, mythmaking and habit change. That means that client experience leading practices and innovations to ensure an engaging and high value transformative learning experience. I simplify complexity with agile, solutions focused tools.

How I Work

I enable reconnection to essential core, quality relationships and outcomes based programs. I follow an agile consulting, solutions-oriented, strengths-based approach to build on current assets (often hidden). Where possible, I create foundations for establishing internal capabilities and communities of practice to limit future dependencies on a few experts.

My specialties

Digital Futures Leadership Development. Restorative Economy and Regenerative Cultures. Positive Outlier Organizations (Rebel Culture). Future of Work. Transformative Tech with Nature in Mind.


Advisory and Coaching: Strategy Sprints

Purpose, Priorities and Structure

Strategy Advisory: Professional & Business Leadership Strategy and Brand Design 

Strategy planning and business modelling

Strategic leadership brand & talent development

21st Century Peak Performance


Teacher Training: MakerSpaces to Build Community of Practice

Habit Change: Principles, Practices & Tools

Core Practitioners: Facilitation Training and Internal Capacity Building

Interactive master classes and training tools

  Cultural transformation tools and journey

Nature-connected leadership transformations

Participative Cultural Ideation and Prototyping

Community Leadership and Governance

Community Building: Restoring Social Trust, Demonstrate the Future. 

Values & stories ideation and prototyping

Community experience design and stoking fire

Community and ecosystem incubation & build


Real enjoyment arises from activities that activate concentration, that require practice and skill, and that deliver sensory enjoyment. ” Catherine Wilson – How to be an Epicurian – Aeon Magazine