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Regenerative Counseling

In person and online therapy, counseling, coaching and wellbeing facilitation for individuals and groups.


I work with high performance professionals and entrepreneurs, senior leaders, health care professionals, therapists, change agents and organizational psychologists on issues such as

  • work and life transitions
  • career progress and meaningful work
  • digital detox
  • loneliness and sense of disconnection
  • disrespectful workplace and bullying
  • fatigue and burnout,
  • stress and anxiety
  • discrimination such as ageism
  • nature deficit disorder
  • relationship conflict
  • self-confidence and imposter syndrome



MaRi was instrumental in shaping the way I approached my career and the defining cross-roads I encountered along my path. MaRi is an exemplary professional and leader, with diverse and extensive experience. Her dedication and integrity is a great source of inspiration and I credit her with accelerating the progress I have made in my career.

Emile Boullineo

Personal Revitalization

Regenerative lifestyle interventions, methods and practices to change ingrained habits. Recovery from stress, burnout and impacts of continuous trauma. Essence recovery and restoration. Re-nurturing creative inner and external landscapes. Conversations that Matter.

Team & Organizational Wellbeing

Applied Positive Leadership and Organizational Change. Designing, prototyping and cultivating collective effort that makes us feel good about ourselves and enable all participants to flourish. The Science of Organizational Wellbeing. Cultures of Respect for the non-human world.


Integrating rapid transformative events such as COVID-19 or mystical experiences into everyday life. Relink to the world when our worldviews are expanded and lead to transformation of personality, of core principles or the way they perceive and understand self and reality.

MaRi Eagar, M Phil Leadership

More than 20 years providing trusted leadership counselling, professional coaching and organizational change facilitation services to executives and senior leaders, groups and communities. A personal and cultural transformation expert, integrating rapid change, including navigating the uncertainty of transition phases, emphasizing practices and tools to change ingrained habits.

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Applied Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the Science of Happiness and Wellbeing. 


Ecotherapy is about non-competitive connection to the non-human world, and feeling better for it. The therpist in ecotherapy is nature herself.

Creative Therapy

Re-connect with your creative self through strengths-based meditation, therapeutic art practices and philosophy as therapy. Instead of focusing on skills or techniques, the process focuses on inner feelings, perceptions and imagination.

My Approach & Philosophy

What you can expect when you work with me

Starting my career as a chartered accountant and holding senior business leadership roles as well as volunteer community leadership (advocating for women and artists as leaders), I tailor positive interventions that are pragmatic and aligned to the fast-paced, highly competitive and agile workplace and business landscape.

My business accounting and risk background complimented with 21st century individual and organizational psychology and emerging tech experience, is valued by clients who are responsible for large financial and investor outcomes.

My own life and work experience informs my philosophy of being non-judgemental, patience in listening deeply, curiosity and supporting my clients in discovering the hidden gems of the good and bad about themselves and their lives. I am known for the art of the conversation and being able to hold a space for difficult and emotional experiences. Clients value my honesty and authenticity.

Having taken the positive outlier route in life, I have trained with international experts such as Dr Robert Biswas-Diener (applied positive psychology), Debbie Rosas and Britta von Tagen (healing through movement), Prof Dawie Smith (personal, relationship and professional leadership development), Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Yeshe YongDong (nature-connected wisdom tradition).

How we work together

We start with a free, virtual introduction call of 30 minutes, exploring your needs, agree on approach, and our commitment to the process should we move forward.

Typically we will contract for 3 weekly, one hour sessions, starting with a diagnostic, aspirations and goal setting. At the end of the third session, we re-evaluate and determine if you require more support.

My preference for virtual sessions is Doxy, HIPAA compliant telemedicine software.

If you are in a life threatening situation – call Crisis Centre Toll Free: 1-866-661-3311

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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Mon – Fri: 10am – 9pm
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