MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

Innovator who studies and consults on decentralized leadership skills and organizational practices for the future.

The Future is not just Digital, it is also Regenerative.

“Within an incredibly short time and space, the Internet is becoming dramatically mobile, social, video and artificially intelligent – encompassing everyone and everything, becoming ubiquitous as water, air or electricity. In this context, it is crucial to embrace yet to humanise and transcend technology; to hone in on what makes us truly human rather than a ‘better machine’: things such as imagination and intuition, creativity, problem-solving, complex understanding, improvisation, emotions and plasticity. We must therefore let go of the ‘machine-work’ – and most its traditional metrics, KPIs and success measurements – to truly reinvent what our jobs, work and ‘professional services’ can mean in the future.” Gerd Leonhard

We need to rewrite the technologies of human development

are living through a time of fundamental
transformation. Familiar cultural and social norms are in flux. This is not
only an age of change but a change of age… In order to thrive in this challenging
environment, we need to develop a higher tolerance for complexity, uncertainty
and not
The most promising settings to gain such experience are in the arts and
cultural sector. Today’s creative adhocracies are loose, flexible, adaptive organisational
forms suited to the complex operating
They are nurturing the midwives of the new culture (Leicester, 2007: 3).

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur starting up, a formal team, community or responsible for an entire organization, today’s world require everyone’s productivity, skills and knowledge to be up to date and relevant with the latest trends and technologies…..Hup hup you have no time for theories or trying to find out if things really work. Just sew your parachute while jumping out of the plane.

“Don’t drum up the crew to gather wood

Divide the work and give orders

Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Wisdom of the Sands

What kind of leaders do we need for a more hopeful future?

My aim is to inspire

  • new thinking about leadership and organizational design and development as applicable to the world of tomorrow;
  • turn the latest thinking about leadership and innovation into new organizational practices that can make new forms of organisations future-fit; and
  • buidl and deliver leadership development programmes that will enhance and deepen the leadership capabilities ofdistributed and decentralized forms of organizations, including machine-to-machine value exchange.

A series of machine training books and programs:Memories of human wisdom and practical intelligence for personal and cultural leadership.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ~ Aristotle

The White Book- Idun’s Quest

Walking The Ninth Path – The Prosperity Game of PossibiiltySpace


What got you here today, won’t get you there tomorrow.

A Genesis Manual for a Humanoid Robot in the 21st Century

A LifeCreativ Project explring PossibilitySpace.

The Green Book:The Art of Decentralized Leadership in the Singularity

Realizing the Power of Leaderless Organizations


Cultural Leadership.

A Genesis Manual for a Humanoid Robot in the 21st Century

The Purple Book:Outfoxing Boundaries in the New World of Work

For when you have to do things differently….


Be Like Rincewind: Future Proof Yourself. Own Your Destiny.

A Genesis Manual for a Humanoid Robot in the 21st Century

If you want to deliver any of the programs described in the books, there is a simple process. Study the book (and program) and complete side quests. Apply tools to facilitate personal and cultural transformations. Provide me with areport (including photos/artifacts) of the work you have completed and the results you achieved. Once I reviewed it, I will confirm that you can deliver the book’s program, e g “Accredited Facilitator of the PACTS White Book”.

If you want to partner in developing these into full machine learning programs, including coaching bots, please email directly.